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Gerry's Tune-up & Brakes officially started on Oct. 12,1988. Although I had been working on cars part time for over 10 years while running a farm, I decided that the time was right to try to make a living for me and my family by repairing cars full time. I started out with in a 20' x 40' shop and quickly learned that I needed to expand to accommodate my growing customer following. Since then we have expanded 2 more times to the current 58' x 80' shop.


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Over the years we have seen many changes to the automotive repair industry. When I started out I had to learn the basic engine repair, point ignition systems, carburetors, suspension systems, brakes, very basic wiring and heating and air conditioning systems. What started out as early emission control systems for the engine has expanded to computer controls for all engine management systems. This has led to all sorts of computer controlled systems for radios, heating and cooling, lighting,  transmissions, braking, traction control, and suspension. Even computer modules are controlling our power windows.  

We have kept up with these new technologies and have developed a continuous cycle of self learning and training classes to make sure we are prepared to handle the most difficult problems your vehicle may encounter. Our tools and equipment has also have to keep up with the new technologies. We have several diagnostic tools and have updated them with new software and hardware to make sure we have the latest updates from the manufactures to service your vehicles.

In addition to myself, we currently employ 2 very proficient technicians,  who work full time to fulfill your service needs. Combined, we have over 70 years of experience in the automotive repair industry.

Many of our customers know our crew on a first name basis. 

Stop in to meet us or give us a call and let us help you with whatever your vehicle repair and maintence needs are.

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